A Rainy Day

June10, on a rainy day :

Foggy and drizzling calls for a lullaby.

This was made by playing a little scribble in Eflat into a MIDI capture program. I left a lot of space in this first line, so that I could repeat it against itself without creating a dense texture, but added some echo and reverb to the synthesizer to both fill space and soften the sense of chord progression. The initial file was copied into four voices, each set a beat apart in time, and played out through a guitar synthesizer. to make a background for the piece. Finally, an improvisation was added as a fifth voice, using an electric piano synthesizer with some overdrive to give it a little of the guitar color.

The song is sparse and directionless to start. As lines are added, the progression becomes a little more persuasive, and the improvised part brings a little expressiveness. Finally, the lines drop away one by one, leaving only the improvised part, which I conclude using a slow repetition of the opening statement that gradually resolves to a sustained chord.

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