• Computer Aided Two Part Invention

    June 11, very Late or very early : The first theme was captured through a MIDI interface, then copied into a second voice. Counterpoint was improvised against this and captured, and so on.

  • A Rainy Day

    June10, on a rainy day : Foggy and drizzling calls for a lullaby. This was made by playing a little scribble in Eflat into a MIDI capture program. I left a lot of space in this first line, so that I could repeat it against itself without creating a dense texture, but added some echo and …

  • From “Lisboa Antigua”

    June the 9th in the Afternoon : One of the standard Fado songs, called to mind by the faint sounds of Latin music from the apartment above.

  • From “Girl with the Flaxen Hair”

    On June the 8th : Weather fine; overcast sky breaking to light scudding clouds. Slept well. Acquired a new microphone.